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Our leading-edge system makes on-farm data collection, compliance reporting and project planning a breeze.

3 Reasons to Choose MyLivingFarmPlan™

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Simpler Operations

Our map-based information storage system makes it easy for farmers of any age (from 9 to 90) to capture photos and add voice notes using any smartphone or tablet while out on the farm. Capital improvement projects and environmental outcomes can be monitored, reported and shared easily from the comfort of your home office computer. Reports can be generated with a few mouse clicks, allowing you to meet compliance requirements and see patterns of change and progress through time.

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Better Teamwork

By pulling data into MyLivingFarmPlan’s visually rich, map-based platform, farm owners can collaborate seamlessly with farm workers, contractors and other stakeholders, online, from anywhere. Everyone who needs to can see the key performance indicators, track progress, and issue / receive instructions – all through the detailed maps.

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By putting data onto your private digital map, inter-generational knowledge can be easily shared. Future generations of farmers will be able to easily see where waterlines were actually buried, and how the trees their grandparents planted have grown into lush habitats over the past 50 years.  This legacy is what both farming, and our system, are both about.

MyLivingFarmPlan is an innovative system that empowers farmers to easily document their farm every day. Essentially it is a private visual diary of your farm’s state, across all seasons.


How does it work for you?

While out working on the farm, you spot a problem – for example a leak in a waterline. You pull out your phone and tap on the MyLivingFarmPlan™ App. You enter the App and press a button called Water Leak. The App prompts you to take a photo and optionally add some voice notes. The photo is automatically uploaded to your secure online map as soon as you have WIFI or cellular coverage. The photo you just took appears on your farm map, allowing you to see where the leak is, how the waterlines are connected to the troughs, and exactly when the photo was taken. You brief your worker, and he/she goes out and fixes the leak. They take a photo of the repair using the App, and the issue is now closed. Beyond documenting repairs and issues, The MyLivingFarmPlan™ system also allows farm owners to easily plan capital improvements - such as retirement fencing.

You design the works in the map from the comfort of your home PC. The system calculates the expected length of fence required, which helps planning costs. Then when you’re ready to execute the project, you do the works, and use the App to take a photo showing the finished new fence. You can easily share that information with external funding agencies (e.g. Regional Councils) or auditors as proof of completion. This process takes a couple of mouse clicks. In no time at all, you have a map-based visual journal of your farm’s state across seasons and years, and a record of projects planned, in progress, and completed.

Key Features

  • Rapid data capture of Critical Sources, hazards, and capital upgrades, using your existing devices
  • Records state before/ during / after severe weather events or capital upgrades
  • Long-term evidence base
  • Register of assets, hazards, progress
  • Remote decision making and collaboration
  • Data is secured. Share as required
  • Track provenance
  • Creates a legacy for owners and workers

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